Smart city solutions ppt

Enhance citizen experiences, increase sustainable city planning, and promote innovation for your city services. Build a more resilient and innovative smart city that is inclusive and accessible for your citizens. Improve collaboration, transparency, and sustainability with more secure, compliant tools.

Provide more secure, inclusive, and sustainable city planning for deep engagement for your residents and businesses.


Collaborate more securely within departments or across agencies, whether your employees are in the office or in the field.

Apply data analytics to provide actionable, informed decision-making for city leaders and employees, and improved services for residents. Connecting the cities streetlights to save energy, lower costs, reduce maintenance, increase community safety, and decrease harmful emissions. Empower 22, city employees more effectively through Internet of Things IoT sensors, collaboration tools, and data-driven decision making.

Utilize a gamified platform to allow residents and visitors to use smartphones to connect with civic services, events, and initiatives. Serve your citizens and communities, improve smart city efficiency, and help ensure privacy and compliance. Provide essential sustainable public services to your citizens and maintain security while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. Improve taxpayer experiences, mitigate tax fraud, and promote economic sustainability while ensuring trust and security.

Create transportation systems that are more connected, accessible, and efficient for sustainable city planning. Learn how Microsoft helps city leaders deliver programs and services in a way that is secure, compliant and protects the privacy of constituents. Our states, cities, and counties are faced with unprecedented challenges, and we wanted to reach out to let you know we are here to assist in any we can.

Register now for a virtual event focused on equipping you with the confidence to lead your government organization to the next generation of service. Read this Microsoft-sponsored e-book by ESI Thoughtlab that presents the business case, best practices, challenges, and performance metrics around becoming a hyperconnected city—one that drives huge benefits to stakeholders by interlinking its assets through the latest technology.

Learn how, together, AI and IoT can fulfill the promise of a smart city by transforming every aspect of city government. With a busy four days including a Microsoft pre-event, conference sessions, side events, and an expo floor that is incredibly dynamic, there is a lot to process. Read about Ruthbea Yesner two big take-aways from the event.Toggle navigation.

Help Preferences Sign up Log in. View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Title: The Smart City. Remember when search and retrieval meant The Smart City Tags: city smart sneakers. Latest Highest Rated. Kimberly Samuelson and Mr. Remember when search and retrieval meant. Wide variety of services that can be conducted online, the number of forms available, and the ability for the citizens to send online feedback to city officials. We know that our customers expect us to operate efficiently and provide them with modern services, and we want to exceed their expectations.

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Cities and Communities

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smart city solutions ppt

Related More from user. Promoted Presentations.This will navigate you to Accenture. For decades, the evolution of communications technology has laid the foundation for economic growth across the United States, benefitting towns and cities large and small. The next generation of wireless network infrastructure will be built using small-cell networks employing 5G wireless technology.

The Smart City applications currently leveraging today's wireless networks are already showing significant benefits to communities, and are expected to transform local economies. Full realization of this economic growth from Smart City solutions will depend on robust deployment of 5G networks, and will require new approaches from municipal leaders and local communities. The Future Home in the 5G Era. These 5G attributes will enable cities to reduce commute times, improve public safety and generate smart grid efficiencies.

The potential gains from the deployment for such technology are also significant, since U. Realization of the economic growth and cost savings from Smart City solutions will depend on how robustly 5G networks are deployed locally.

The network deployment build of 5G will involve 10 to times more antenna locations than 4G or 3G.

Smart Cities: Solving Urban Problems Using Technology

These cells are small—the size of a shoe box—and are critical for delivering the speed and capacity promised by this next generation of wireless. To support the increased density of small cells needed for 5G networks, and achieve economic and Smart City benefits, municipal leaders should take steps to encourage telecom operators to invest in deploying next-generation infrastructure in their municipalities.

The shift from traditional large wireless towers to small-cell sites—affixed on locations from lamp posts to utility poles—requires a streamlining of the permitting process governing wireless infrastructure deployment. Access to public rights of way needs to be improved, fee structures changed, and regulatory hurdles reduced to support this new small-cell deployment model.

Accelerating the 5G future of business. A strategy based on network DNA critical to 5G. Agile Business Models.

Smart city technologies

Driving future economic value in the U. Think big. Accelerate to get ahead. In a hyper-competitive landscape, how do you thrive in the now, the new and the unknown? Shaping our clients' future, combining deep business insight with technology. Valid Entry.

IoT for smart cities

The first name is required and cannot be empty. The last name is required and cannot be empty. This value is not valid. This email address is already in use.Traditional network architectures can't scale in the digital era. With Cisco Kinetic for Cities, extract and compute data from connected devices on the city network and share across agencies.

Deploy new city services by leveraging Cisco solutions, third-party software, or your own application development. Discover our full portfolio of solutions to see how you can use our technology for Cities and Communities. Protect lives and infrastructure from environmental damage through hyperlocalized monitoring and predictive modeling.

The Town of Cary partners with Cisco on smart lighting and parking solutions to enhance citizen services. Join us in Barcelona, Spain at Cisco Stand D to see how we bring our bridge to possible branding to life across cities, communities and countries, transportation, government operations, healthcare, education, public utilities, and more. Threats to government are on the rise. Learn what those threats are, how colleagues are fighting back, and how you can stay secure.

Skip to content Skip to footer. Solutions Industries Cities and Communities Smart city solutions drive connectivity, productivity, and security for your communities. Watch video Contact Cisco Chat with Sales. Cisco: Welcome to Cisco! How can I help you?

How to start your digital journey. Build the foundation Traditional network architectures can't scale in the digital era. Unify your city data With Cisco Kinetic for Cities, extract and compute data from connected devices on the city network and share across agencies.

Boost urban innovation Deploy new city services by leveraging Cisco solutions, third-party software, or your own application development. See how it all comes together Discover our full portfolio of solutions to see how you can use our technology for Cities and Communities. See our solutions for…. Lighting Lower energy consumption, cut costs, and simplify maintenance.

Environment Protect lives and infrastructure from environmental damage through hyperlocalized monitoring and predictive modeling. Parking Generate revenue with demand-based parking while reducing the search time for citizens.

Safety and security Accurately detect incidents and protect against crime through digital monitoring. Urban mobility View live street conditions to gain insight on how to improve traffic management. Waste management Manage, collect, and track waste bins to avoid overflow and health hazards.Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy.

Our flagship business publication has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since Our rapidly urbanizing world faces an enormous demographic imbalance. Over the next few decades, Europe, and to some extent the United States and China, will be aging and shrinking, even as India, Africa, and the Middle East see their populations expanding. At the same time, we still have three billion people in the world who have no access to water, electricity, health care, and education.

And we are moving from a global population of seven billion to nine billion. Clearly cities are the key to whether we successfully meet this massive transition challenge and achieve growth that is both sustainable and inclusive. And the critical enabler is going to be technology.

What was once a visionary notion is now the new normal: technology is really as essential as the three utilities—water, gas, and electricity. If you want to revitalize an old city, or if you are erecting a new greenfield city, technology has to be built in.

Today many leading cities have a ten-year plan that includes a master information and communication technology ICT plan. A city without an ICT master plan is simply not relevant anymore. The goal, of course, is to view technology as part of a holistic, services-oriented approach to revitalizing cities. Right now, in most places, whether you move into a new apartment or buy an old one, you have to rip the ceiling out to get wireless in and buy various devices.

But imagine what would happen if everywhere you went, as with electricity or water, that technology were simply built in? When you get to a critical mass, the data on the benefits is so compelling: a 50 percent reduction over a decade in energy consumption, a 20 percent decrease in traffic, an 80 percent improvement in water usage, a 20 percent reduction in crime rates. The concept of smart cities really sells itself. How can we accelerate this transition? But over the next decade, we will continue with advances in cloud computing, big data, and open data, and we will see 50 billion devices connected through machine-to-machine communication, which will foster the industrialization of the Internet.

We just need to ensure that our investments are smarter and move technology from being an afterthought to having it embedded in our urban master plans. That said, we still face huge hurdles. Politicians face short-term election cycles, while the benefits of this kind of investment are longer term.

Hence, in addition to articulating the vision for their cities, politicians need to score quick wins and generate budgets for the parts of their vision that demonstrate immediate benefits. There are too few global standards. Look at electricity with the longstanding variation between and volts and multiple outlets. We need better protocols and global open standards, like those that enabled the growth and connectivity of the Internet. We need to create new ecosystems, in effect whole new industries to enable some of these benefits.

Consider parking. In Paris, as in many cities, the average citizen spends four years of his life trying to find a parking place. But what if you could drive in off the highway, and your navigation system would guide you to a free parking place? It would reduce congestion and carbon emission. That is beginning to happen in cities like San Francisco and Chicago. But getting these projects off the ground requires the right regulatory framework and collaboration among a lot of industries in order to provide everything from the sensors in the street to the apps in your car or mobile device.We partner with each city to design infrastructure, systems and processes that elevate the way they provide services in new and cost-effective ways.

Smart city solutions harness and analyze data using a tightly woven portfolio of wireless networking technologies. Sensors and devices work at the edge to collect data. Whether they are analyzing traffic patterns, monitoring utilities and resources or beyond, smart city solutions unite small bits of information to provide full visibility. Verizon smart city solutions help you make sense of the data, processing and analyzing it in near real time, and then giving you ways to disseminate those findings to the public.

Read more about each of our smart city solutions below. In many ways, smart city solutions are whatever you need them to be, from lighting that conserves energy and improves visibility to traffic analytics and monitoring that keep vehicles moving and pedestrians and cyclists safer.

Using the latest technologies, Verizon can help enhance what you know about your community. With improved data, expanded insights and better connected infrastructure, you get a deeper understanding of where you live.

Decision makers are more informed. Resources are better allocated. Citizens are better served. In short, the city is smarter. Easily manage, protect and share digital evidence data from a centralized, CJIS-ready, cloud-based solution. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon representative for service availability.

Contact us. This Verizon website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we place on your computer. These cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users of the website and allow us to provide you with an improved user experience. The cookies we use are purely for analytical purposes and for our own statistical research into the success of our site. Click here to find out how to disable cookies.

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smart city solutions ppt

Copy link. Email link. Smart Cities and Communities. Explore where and how Verizon is helping create smart cities. Explore the map.

Help your community stay smart, connected and safe. How do Smart City Solutions work? What are Smart City Solutions? Intelligent Lighting Drive energy savings and promote public safety with smart lighting technology.These can be anything from city-wide public wifi systems to the provision of smart water meters in individual homes.

Most technologists and engineers are busy investigating how to build smart cities, and what features to give them. Here are three of the toughest challenges facing those involved with smart cities today — and some suggestions about how to overcome them. Evangelical sloganeering from science, technology and engineering — which proclaim the smart city as the solution to all urban ills — has drowned out criticisms from the social sciences about the human problems they create.

These problems are particularly evident in purpose-built smart cities such as DholeraIndia, where farmers have been dispossessed of their land in order to build the city; in Masdar in the United Arab Emirates, which sacrificed its zero-carbon features after the global financial crisis; and in SongdoSouth Korea, which has so far remained a ghost town. All of these cities have reneged on their grandiose pledges to address the issues which accompany migration, urban population growth and climate change.

On the other hand, there are retrofitted smart cities, which focus on attracting investment to business districts and urban neighbourhoods. They add smart features such as e-waste recycling, e-rickshaws, smart water meters and more to existing infrastructure. Unfortunately, this approach creates winners and losers, depending on who accesses and pays for these developments.

Taken together, new and retrofitted smart cities create uneven geographic development. They further marginalise farmers, informal workers, micro-entrepreneurs and indigenous people living in villages, small towns and poor urban neighbourhoods. Yet they are still uncritically adopted by developing countries as good examples of urban innovation. These concerns need to be placed front and centre in national smart city agendas.

Smart cities should find ways to encourage more grassroots efforts to engage with marginal citizens. A good example is the mapping exercises carried out by slum children, which forced policy makers in India to acknowledge their rights to basic urban services. We need policies that will allow us to closely measure our progress, reflect on short-term setbacks and create a comprehensive database of smart cities for the future.

smart city solutions ppt

Many such policies already exist at an international level. Change can only occur if smart cities aim to go beyond providing access to technologies and skills, and instead build new freedoms and capabilities for women both within their homes and outside. This means providing women with the freedom to make decisions, exercise reproductive control and access education in the household, so that they can participate equally in the workplace and public realm.

Progressive policies should target boys and men to stop violence against women in the form of rape, female genital mutilation, domestic violence and so on. Here, social media can be a valuable tool — if used sensitively. The state of domestic life will tell us a lot about the public effectiveness of smart city policies.

Smart city policy makers should think about new ways to engage with both women and men in the home, to make and measure positive change. For example, violently misogynistic and racist threats are allowed to go unchecked on Facebook and Twitter. Only recently, a member of the Bangladeshi LGBT community was brutally murdered — an event which was openly celebrated in some radically conservative Facebook groups.

Activists in India are continually threatened on social media for their criticism of government policies. Given that the internet is a global network, an international manifesto is required — it should prioritise human rights, social justice and rights to privacy in both physical and digital life. The bottom line is that smart cities are for people, and citizenship cannot be determined by algorithms. Active citizenship should be allowed to flourish in the smart city through critical thought, ongoing debate and non-violent forms of dissent.

We need to move beyond smart cities which are defined solely by economic or software parameters. For the good of the next generation, let us make the smart city movement truly revolutionary and radical — let us leave a lasting legacy on the issues of rights, justice and citizenship. York Festival of Ideas — York, York. Festival of Ideas — HatfieldHertfordshire. What is Quantum Technology? Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Ayona DattaUniversity of Leeds.

smart city solutions ppt

Built to fail? What can be done?

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